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Metal cross relations

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As the results of instrumental observations showed, cutting of the stands contributed to a significant reduction in horizontal movements of the foundations of reinforced concrete and brick columns of the supporting frame and, as a result, reduce additional efforts in the elements of the frame. Metal cross relations installed in the compartments, perceiving the horizontal components of the external forces acting on the frame of the compartment, allowed to unload the support sections of the columns.

As a result, for the entire period of part -time work of the stadium in reinforced concrete and brick columns that perform the functions of the racks of the carrying spatial frame, not a single crack was observed. All the noted damage was timed mainly to the enclosing brick structures. In the deformation seams separating the design of the stadium into compartments, there was a decrease or increase in the size of the clearance in various periods of part -time jobs up to 25 mm, which also confirms the effectiveness of the completed cutting.

Repeated observations of building buildings with incomplete cutting with temperature or sedimentary sutures showed that damage to buildings as a result of their part -time work is focused in cross section, weakened cutting. The existing supporting structures, crossing the place of cutting between the two blocks of the building, are destroyed in the first place, and the building is practically divided into compartments, deformations within which are significantly reduced against the buildings expected for unreasonable for compartments. The described phenomenon was observed, for example, during the part -time work of the tram depot building and the mining equipment of the machine -building plant No. 1, where the compartments formed as a result of the part -time job underwent very minor deformations.

The experience of the part -time job indicates that frame industrial buildings have much greater flexibility and suppleness in the vertical plane compared to ordinary civilians and, as a rule, fully follow the precipitation of the base, fitting into the mulch of the move.

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