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Spare parts of crushing machines. Criterias of choice

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Due to the specifics of their work, the sieve for roar and other spare parts for crushers are subject to constant wear. But the uninterrupted operation of the entire complex depends on the state and quality of these parts. What should be guided by when choosing such an important part of the roar as a sieve?

Crita criteria

The roar is used to separate the material leaving the crusher. A sieve is the most important part of the roar, on which the quality of separation depends. Selection of Sita with the desired parameters is part of the preparation of a crushing machine for work. When choosing a part, you need to pay attention to the parameters below.

The size of the cells is the main parameter that affects:

The quality of separation of the material. It often happens that the consumer needs an accurate fraction. Typically, the exact size is required for further enrichment of the breed or its firing.

The performance of the crushing complex. You can slightly increase the output of the fraction, which has the largest order, to the detriment of fractions, which have been ordered less. This is achieved by accurate selection of sieves for roar with sizes of cells, shifted in favor of the size of the desired fraction. Of course, this can only be done if such a displacement suits the customer.

The diameter of the wire. It is clear that the thicker the wire, the longer the sieve does not wear out. Less stops for replacement and repair, which means less loss from downtime. But an increase in the diameter of the wire reduces the living section, thereby reducing the capacity of the sieve, and reduces the performance. An accurate calculation for a specific production is needed here.

Material (type of sieve). It can be a steel mesh, a perforated sheet of steel, rubber or polyurethane sieve. The steel mesh has high throughput, but is more susceptible to wear. Other types of sieves for roar are more durable, but less productive. The choice depends on the specific conditions and features of the enterprise.

If the sieve cell is incorrect, the roar will issue defective products. In addition, it should be borne in mind that with high moisture content, the mass can stick together, and then it is necessary to select a sieve with slightly increased sizes of cells;

Each production that uses crushing equipment in its work should take care of the reserve in the warehouse of the necessary set of spare parts, in particular, a set of sieves of roar. The kit is selected depending on the factors set forth in the article. It is easy to do it online. There are many sites on the Internet where you will be offered a sieve for roar and spare parts for crushers. The choice is great, but you need to choose thoughtfully.

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