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Materials for decoration of the premises

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Modern finishing materials are divided into different groups depending on the scope of application. Since the construction market is replete with the availability of goods, there are many groups.

Trust has not yet disappeared to traditional, proven materials used in the decoration of premises, and their popularity does not fall. The most common materials made of stone, wood, brick, as well as paint and varnish products. But also the new markets of the market acquire their fans. They conquer consumers not only by ways and technology of use, but also improved qualities.

Their representatives are: liquid, glass, leather wallpaper; A wide variety of plastering mixtures; Unique finish coatings (which are universal in the field of use) plastic panels, siding. And although traditional, natural materials are still in demand, some of them lose their positions before the novelties in the scope and properties.

If you compare the tiles of ceramics and wall panels, the tile will lose in the area of ​​use. Its laying is carried out on the walls, or floor. At that time, the panels and their varieties are used for walls, ceilings, inside, or outside the building. See the types of roofs of roofs of houses.

Natural stone uses mainly for fireplaces, or countertops. The only material that not only does not lose its positions, but also improves is a tree. It can be used as the only material in the decoration of the premises, or it can be perfectly combined with other types.

Such unions can create a variety of styles, luxurious interiors. But do not forget that any wooden product is processed with paintwork products.

The first place in popularity among finishing materials is occupied by wallpaper. By color, texture, texture, varieties there are so many of them that it is not possible to count.

When choosing wallpaper, it must be remembered that they should emphasize the created interior in the room, being a final bar in the decoration.

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