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The choice of painting paints

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All types of colors are made of a connecting base that can form a film on the surface that is covered. Mostly film forms are oils, olifa, latexes and emulsions. They can be divided into chemical and natural components. Natural film formers consist of oil materials, and chemical – of synthetic. In turn, it is advisable to divide the last group into alkyd, and many other types of colors.

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According to use, painting paints are divided into oil-alkidal and water-dispersion paints. The first group includes most of the construction and materials market, enamels.

Before staining the interior, you need to familiarize yourself with what surface the surface is made. It is generally accepted that staining of internal surfaces is advisable to paint with water -based paints. With their help, you can give the coating a matte structure. The color of the finished stained surface can be made differently due to the addition of various tints. These paints are non -toxic, they can be calmly diluted with water until a certain consistency. The most basic quality of water -based paints is that they dry very quickly and they can be stained with surfaces from almost any materials.

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