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Meter wallpaper

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Meter wallpaper

It is difficult to imagine a repair that occurs without lifting wallpaper. On the shelves of modern stores, you can increasingly see wallpaper with a meter width. Since these wallpapers are novelty to most people, they are reluctant to take, because people are afraid that during working with them, unnecessary problems may arise. But, meter wallpaper is specially created to make your life easier. Such wallpapers are very easy to glue, easier than ordinary. But their main advantage is a smaller number of seams between wallpaper sheets per unit area of ​​the wall. After all, the larger the size of the wallpaper path, the less number of them will be applied to the wall, respectively, fewer joints between individual segments. Meter wallpapers are applied almost in the same way as ordinary ones:

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For starters, outdated coating is removed from the wall. Walls, if necessary, are aligned. Next, you need to mark the room. To do this, starting from the corner of the room, put one meter to the sides and leave a vertical mark. Such marks should be placed at a distance of B1.05 meterdr carpet from a friend. To protect the floor from glue, cover it with oilcloth. Before cutting off the wallpaper strip, make sure that all its heights are equal to the height of the wall, plus some stock. Also, check that the knife with which you cut the wallpaper is sharply sharpened. Otherwise, the edges of the wallpaper can turn out to be uneven. Glue is kneaded the same as for ordinary wallpapers. Just follow the instructions, and after preparing it, let him brew for some time. They begin to glue from the upper section of the wall, gradually dropping to the floor. At the same time, smooth the wallpaper with light movements so that there are no air left between them and the wall. The rest of the wallpaper stripes are also glued in the same way. The corners in the room are overlapped with wallpaper overlap. To do this, well lubricate the walls of the corners with glue.

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