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How to choose a laminate? – Excavator

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The coating is a basis from chipboard or fiberboard, covered with several layers of paper and film.

It is the latter that protects the laminate class 33 or the 23rd, from external influences. The strength of the material is checked by a grinding machine. That is, the coating is simply processed until it starts to wash, and then count the number of revolutions.

For residential premises that are infrequently used, it is better to choose a laminate of the 21-23 classes. It will not surprise with high wear resistance, but it will cost inexpensively.

Class 31 and higher material is already designed for high loads. It costs more, but lasts longer. You can use it in commercial premises, for example, in offices, restaurants or hotels.

The coating thickness is important. Usually this indicator varies from 6 to 12 cm. Too thin material is not the best acquisition, since the coating does not provide the necessary sound insulation and serves less. Together with the laminate, choose the floor skirting board – so you can choose a harmonious combination.

Connection type

Adhesive laminate will cost cheaper. When laying it, gaps are not formed, and therefore the coating better tolerates contact with water. True, it is quite difficult to lay it, and partial repair is impossible to damage. The castle laminate is more expensive, but even a non -professional can work with it. Lameli are fixed with the help of grooves on the ends – glue using the original technology is not used. Such a coating is easy to repair, while it is not necessary to remove the floor completely, it is enough only to dismantle damaged dies.

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