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How to choose furniture for a home dining room?

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Dining room in the apartment? For our compatriots, this sounds very unusual, because, as a rule, the sizes of apartments do not allow you to create a separate room designed to eat. However, it is quite possible to consider the dining room as a kitchen or living room area. The main thing in the dining room will be furniture. It is not particularly difficult to choose it, and if you find the sale of Italian furniture (see. here), then you can create just a chic dining room.

So, the basis of any dining room is a dining group, in other words a table and a set of chairs. It is very important that this furniture is convenient. In the dining room, people do not just have breakfast, dine and have dinner. Family members in such a room communicate with each other, and therefore the chairs should not be tough, otherwise the conversation will not drag on for a long time.

By visiting the sale of tables and chairs, then you can choose both a ready -made set and different in color and even style table and chairs. If you create a dining room regarding the kitchen or living room, remember that the room is important to zone. It is far from necessary to do this with the help of screen and other devices, “cutting” rooms. You should just choose furniture for the dining room, which differs in style and color from other furniture.

The best option is to choose a table made of natural wood. He will last a very long time. Also the most reliable options will be marble and granite countertops. The shape of the table can be any. If you have a large family, it is better to choose an oval or rectangular table. For a small family, round and square tables are suitable.

Chairs must certainly be with soft upholstery and back. It is desirable that the chairs are also made of natural wood. Chairs should be durable, not staggering. It is better if the upholstery is made of simple fabrics in the care of fabrics not marked colors.

If the dimensions of the room allow, then in the dining room you can still distinguish a small zone in which there will be a low coffee table and a pair of armchairs. Conduct a conversation over a cup of coffee, sitting in a comfortable chair, will be much more pleasant than at the table.

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