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How to decorate the house with handwork of Russian artisans?

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Handmade has always been valued most. And so far the work of masters is in demand, despite the existence of elite factories and manufacturers who are engaged in the production of expensive luxurious things.

Hand forging, manual trim, manual painting on walls, hand stained glass, manual pottery, manual stucco molding, manually made finishing materials and much more are in fashion. And this is characteristic not only for Russia – hand products are valued all over the world. For example, manually produced eastern carpets are quite expensive, like some types of ceramic tiles, and many other products and materials. For the sake of such products, people even go to other countries.

The workshop of art crafts in Russia has its own traditions, for example, there are still blacksmiths that create different metal products manually. Such masters are able to forge a fence, staircases, furniture, candlesticks, chandeliers, garden benches and much more. The difference between artistic forging and industrial casting is that the blacksmiths heat the metal, and then use a hammer to create a form of a product. And at the factory, liquid metal is simply poured into a mold, as a result of which a typical product is obtained. Manual casting is also possible, but the process is carried out not like at the factory.

Forged products are always unique, even if you buy finished products from the catalog of already. It’s like a picture of an artist. But in workshops they usually work with individual customer orders. First they make a sketch, then make a drawing, and then they configure the structure on it.

You can also call for the aid of Russian artisans if you are interested in stained glass. They can decorate not only window openings, but also doors, cabinets, showers, kitchen aprons, etc. P. The technology of creating a classic stained glass is quite complicated, but it does not lose popularity. Usually the glass is cut according to the template (based on the sketch and the glass chosen by the client), and then fragments of colored glass with the metal structure are connected.

You can also hire a mason so that he has made a manual masonry of a fireplace, furnace, barbecue or framing a false stone for you. Manual erection of furnaces and fireplaces is also enough to be valued in our time. Companies that provide such services send their masters to measure and draw up drawings. After the preparatory work, specialists in brickwork laid out the ordered product, and then equip it with all the necessary components.

The art painting of the walls is also considered a unique form of designing a house. Some people who have artistic skills even make such a design themselves.

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