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What is the formwork?

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What is the formwork?

Formwork is a combined component of the elements that is needed to give the correct form to reinforced concrete structures built on construction sites. The type of formwork is selected strictly individually and depends on the design, size, technology and climate.

Consider the advantages of raising formwork. The formwork design was constantly changed. The deadlines for the construction of buildings were reduced. Previously, the formwork could be built at a time, and it was not possible to remove it in the future. Modern monolithic and frame constructions can be used again many times.

The main advantages of collapsible formwork:

Quick construction of buildings

High strength and lack of cracks during the shrinkage process

General cheapness of the construction of the building

High choice of variation and layouts.

Next, I want to discuss the classification of formwork. Formwork – a monolithic system that facilitates construction. And not only buildings, but also tunnels and roads.

It is divided into the following classes:

Wall – for horizontal and vertical surfaces

Rounded and rounded

Wall – sliding

Universal – disassembled.

It is worth noting universal formwork. It consists of several collapsible shields. Often, manufacturers carry out its development in such a way that its capabilities are not limited only to the construction of walls or ceiling. If you are interested in raising formwork, see the offer on Opalubka-Rent.MSK.

Dynamics in the construction of formwork also exists. There is a common opinion that activity in construction begins in the spring and ends in late autumn. But experts unanimously claim – soon everything will change.

Due to the fact that formwork systems are gradually being introduced, capable of withstand the frosts that are characteristic, for most latitudes, the construction of buildings continues all year round. And taking into account the fact that construction companies are used by formwork, you can understand that buildings will be built exclusively using new technologies in the next few years.

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