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Finding and renting housing in New York: rules and recommendations

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Most people who come to New York to study or work live in rented housing. However, renting living space is not easy; not all owners will rent out the chosen room or apartment. The best way to get premises, what needs to be done for this, is described on the pages of NYCity Media.

Features of rental housing

Visitors most often rely on advertisements for apartments for rent. However, the most important parameter in such a situation will be the credit rating of the tenant. If it is less than 700 points, or there is no history at all, then the owners will most likely ignore the rental request. Trust issues have traditionally been difficult in New York, and homeowners have been reluctant to deal with potential defaulters.

In these cases, you can first rent a room, which will be cheaper; applicants have fewer requirements, including the level of a credit rating. It is important to take into account the restrictions set by landlords. They may relate to the use of the kitchen, visiting guests and other conditions.

Ways to find housing

One of the most important platforms for landlords is Craigslist. Here they actively place advertisements for rentals, so you can find many options based on price, area of housing, and rental conditions.

There are groups on Facebook where you can find neighbors to live in the same apartment, which increases your chances of getting housing and allows you to reduce payment costs. Messages are constantly published here to help you quickly find the best offer.

So you can rent a house in Manhattan, where the cost is the highest in the world, or find a safe neighbor, find out general communication skills or hobbies to achieve greater mutual understanding, find a social circle in the metropolis.

Factors influencing choice

When choosing housing, you should consider the following parameters:

  1. Geographical location where preference should be given to areas with a stable social environment and good prospects for work or other activities.
  2. Crime situation. There are dangerous areas where people of a certain skin color or social status should not settle, as this will cause tension and possible attacks on their person or home.
  3. Community and neighbors will determine the moral environment. This factor will affect communication with others, make life easier, or vice versa – more difficult.

The choice of accommodation can also be made on popular resources for searching for a place in hostels, however, these accommodation options can also have a high cost and many everyday inconveniences.

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