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What is Molding

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What is Molding

Initially, moldings were most often used to hide any irregularities available on the ceiling or walls. However, recently, they began to be used more as a variety of decorative elements that allow you to create unusual patterns. In addition, it is moldings that provide a smooth and soft transition from walls to ceiling.Looking for a company for the building in Kyiv? In Kievgradoservise, you will be happy to help you with this, and after going on the site we indicated, you can get acquainted with them in more detail.

In fact, the molding is an ordinary decorative bar. Molden -made, oak, oak or Tisa, moldings give an aesthetic appearance to the room. Meanwhile, for installation in a space where there is a high level of humidity, including in saunas, baths or kitchens, they are categorically not suitable.  This decor element has a number of significant advantages. For example, molding is unusually easy to install. It is also characterized by a high level of strength and the ability to resist even the most severe mechanical damage well.

To correctly carry out its installation, you need to follow only a few rules. So, initially both sides of the wooden product are primed, and then covered with varnish or paint. Next, the required piece of molding required in size is cut off. It is attached to the place, tightly pressed and fixed by means of simple finishing nails.  The holes from them should be thrown and faded with sandpaper. The product then only remains re -painted or varnish again.

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