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Unique architecture of your country house

by bestchicago

If you finally decide to build a house that you dreamed about, you should not rush with options. Of course, today there are many typical projects, you can even buy a ready -made cottage in the village, but you are sure that this particular home will become yours in the full sense of the word? After all, the house should be beautiful and convenient in all respects.

For some reason, people are so accustomed to the fact that everyone always decides for them, that they agree to what is more or less suitable, and then surprised – Where does the feeling of discomfort come from, why there is no comfort. And the lack of comfort means a state of disharmony, which gives rise to a conflict with the outside world. Now you understand how our house affects our whole life?

That is why before deciding to build your own home, which, most likely, will become «generic nest» For your offspring, you need to find a good architect. What means «Good»? This means one whose work will appeal to you, first of all. And if you see that this person is not just a fan of his work, but is ready for a constructive dialogue, then in the process of established contact will be able to catch all the necessary nuances to reflect them in the finished project.

If you are a fan «living» materials and want to become the owner of a beautiful and functional building, your choice – Artecology – an architectural workshop, whose ideological inspirer is an experienced architect who has found his unique approach to the design of houses and structures from a beam (ordinary, galinded and glued), and combined materials.

The company performs any kind of work related to the design of private houses, guest houses and bath premises, including the layout of plots and the development of landscape design, is engaged in reconstruction and construction. That is, you can contact as a comprehensive set of events – from the project to construction, and order separately – layout, or reconstruction work.

Working with the company guarantees an individual approach when solving specifically your design problem. No one will offer you a typical solution. The architect and his team will come to the terrain, get acquainted with the family and try to find out all the wishes and needs. For example – Someone likes bright sunlight, and someone prefers twilight lighting, where it is better to break the front garden, and what kind you would like to get from the windows, and only then they will begin to develop the project.

In order for the house to really become the house of dreams, refer to those who know how to realize your wishes into reality, that is, to people who have united professional skills and creative talents.

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