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Drainage warranty of dry basement

by bestchicago

Waterproofing alone is not always enough to ensure the dry basement. The water gathered around the isolation should be quickly taken to a safe place. For this, drainage serves.

What is drainage? In short, this is a system of water removal collecting in the ground and threatening the walls of the foundation or basement. Typically, drainage consists of pipes of encircling the building and absorbing wells into which excess water is sent.

The drainage device is necessary if the site is located in a place with a high level of groundwater, especially if the soil has a low penetrating ability.

Drainage can be different. Let’s see how many types of drainage exist:

Drainage of the site – a system of pipes located around the house. They fit on a prepared base at such a depth that they are lower than the vertical insulation of the foundation. The pipes should be perforated, water from the soil penetrates through the holes into them. The holes should be so small that particles of soil could not fall into the pipes through them.

Traditional internal drainage – sometimes it is not possible to lay pipes around the house. Then, the only chance of water drainage is the internal drainage. The pipes are mounted in the basement along the walls. It is best to place such drainage on the basement floor. However, this leads to a decrease in height. If this can affect the functionality of the basement, then it is better to mount the pipe under the floor. Such drainage is more difficult to repair. Its device is also much more expensive.

French drainage – cheap and simple. Pipes for its device are not needed. It will be enough to add a tightly wrapped in geopolor. However, for such a drainage to be serviceable and worked, it is necessary to use exclusively mineral crumbs, preferably a homogeneous fractionality of at least 8 mm. French drainage can be laid with a slope as a traditional one, but this is not necessarily if the receiver is lower than the drainage itself. Also, for such drainage, audit wells are not needed.

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