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Roads from tires

by bestchicago

Old car tires – scourge of modern ecology. And even their re -processing for obtaining electricity does not differ by environmental friendliness. In 2011, specialists of the American company Laurite proposed using old tires as building material for roads. And not groundless!

Why tires

Because there are a lot of them. In the United States alone, about 300 million new coverage waste will be formed during the year. This is free garbage with excellent shock-absorbing characteristics, which saves the cost of building new roads by 30-50%.

Such savings are due to the fact that the volume of building material necessary for vertical filling is reduced. This savings are especially relevant for the construction of intercity roads, along which there is a heavy freight transport.

In addition, re -processing of tires is expensive, both in financial and technologically. Therefore, it is much more profitable, and more humane in relation to nature, to use them thus.

How are the roads from tires

Tires with remote sidewalls are laid on the base of the road, and then fastened with each other throughout the area and perimeter, forming a single amortizing mesh.

After that, standard backfill is carried out (gravel and other bulk materials). Which is noteworthy, significant compulsion is no longer required.

Further, the technology of building roads is no different from the standard one, but the road is able to withstand any load. Moreover, as practice has shown, such roads are much less common due to horizontal (lateral) pressure, which is a direct consequence of vertical pressure.

The fact is that the backfill with tires absorbs the side load and retains the base of the road with a motionless.

Where this technology has already been introduced into ordinary practice

While the championship remains for the United States, where this method has been developed. To date, more than a dozen roads have been commissioned in 5 states, which do their task perfectly.

Given the successful experience in the construction of roads with a base from tires, the designers decided not to stop there. Today, research is already actively underway on the possible use of tires in the construction of foundations, dams and walls. In the future, this will not only reduce the cost of construction and cope with the problem of waste, but also solve the problem of metal corrosion in supporting structures.

However, not only roads are laid from tires today, but also produced tiles for roofs


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