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Tiles in the bathroom – beautiful, practical and durable

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Tiles in the bathroom – beautiful, practical and durable

The use of various types of tiles for facing the bathroom today is the most popular option of decorating this room, since this material is the most suitable for rooms with an aggressive environment. About how to properly put tiles in the bathroom, we will try to explain it accessiblely below, because this process is understandable to many only in general terms, and in fact it is very difficult to perform.

General description of styling technology

As soon as the work related to the preparation of the premises (the removal of the previous cladding and alignment of the floor) is completed, you can begin to lay a new tile. The first row from the floor is first to apply without glue to understand how to correctly and optimally put it up, and only then lay it “tightly”. The vertical rows are placed exactly by plumb line, and separators should be installed between the tiles – they will help to form a flat gap, which will later be filled with grouting material.

The tile is placed hard, but without transmitting, tapping the surface to fill the entire space with glue. As soon as the work on laying all the fragments is completed, it is required to take a break for a day, because this time is required to glue to dry, and after that you can start rubbing the seams. For this purpose, a special grout is used, which is prepared only once, since it quickly dries. Apply it with a rubber spatula at a slight angle, moving diagonally with respect to the cladding. After completion of work, the surface is cleaned of the remnants of the grouting material. After three weeks, the seams are recommended to be covered with sealant, which will allow longer to preserve their presentable view.

The tile does not require special care and cosmetic repairs, in addition, it is very practical. If the installation work is performed correctly, then the operation of the bathroom can be as long as it will be required until the next major overhaul.

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