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Pros and cons of wall building material

by bestchicago

When purchasing building material (whether it is gas -sized blocks or self -tapping screws), it is necessary to take into account its features and scope. With addiction, the wall material should be chosen, which is currently presented on the market in a wide variety. The most popular materials used during the construction of the walls are brick and foam concrete, expanded clay concrete blocks, opilcoben and gas -mushroom blocks. Each of these materials is distinguished by advantages and disadvantages that must certainly be taken into account during construction.

Ceramzitthonous block, for example, is a rather durable and frost -resistant material. These qualities allow you to use this material in the process of building reliable, resistant to weather phenomena, structures. Walls of such material are not covered with cracks and are not deformed, and also do not absorb moisture. In addition, the acceptable cost of expanded clay blocks is an obvious plus. The disadvantages of such blocks include their imperfect shape, as well as significant weight. Foam concrete blocks, unlike expanded clay concrete, weigh much less, and also have almost perfect contours. This allows you to easily mount foam blocks, creating clear and correct constructions.

Despite the fact that this building material is quite durable, it cannot be called frost -resistant. Therefore, structures from foam blocks require additional insulation and mandatory sealing. The very high cost of foam concrete blocks is considered to be a minus. Brick is a very durable material and is distinguished by frost resistance. Brick walls are persistent and durable, easily opposing various atmospheric phenomena.

Specialists call the disadvantage of this building material minor thermal insulation properties, the difficulty of installation, as well as the high cost. Light and ideal in shape are gas silicate blocks. From such building material, the walls are being built quickly and without difficulty. The obvious disadvantages of gas silicate blocks are their insufficient strength, as well as low frost resistance and tendency to occur fungi.

Opilic concrete blocks, although they are inexpensive, and also weigh little, strongly absorb moisture and practically do not resist the frost, which turns this material into a short -lived. There are still a lot of nuances that must be borne in mind when purchasing building materials. Given the fact that unscrupulous companies are still active in the construction market, offering low -quality bricks, paints or fasteners wholesale, as well as retail, when choosing products, you should be extremely careful.

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