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Skirting board – he is a cable channel

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The skirting board is an indispensable interior detail, it is the baseboard that gives the room a complete look, emphasizes the beauty of the flooring and serves as a binder of the interior between the floor and the walls. In addition to the decorative function, the plinth can carry a serious functional load – under the skirting boards you can hide additional wires and cables if you use a skirting board specially designed for such a purpose with the properties of the cable channel. Company ' VyprokstroyService ' Offers a new design of PVC Clinthus (see. drawing), the most valuable advantage of which is the ability to make engineering wiring in the premises in the simplest way without violating the appearance. The presence of a removable panel in the plinth allows you to lay additional wiring and after repair not only without ' Dollets ' walls, but also without the need to dismantle the baseboard. Such a skirting board allows you to lay along the wall at the floor level up to 10 cables, depending on their diameter.

Convenience of installation

The skirting board with a cable channel is easily installed using any screw, self-tapping screw, glue. One part – the base is attached to the wall, then a removable panel is inserted into a special groove of the base. The removable panel after installation is drained with the baseboard. Thus, the outer plane of the baseboard remains completely smooth, not spoiled by hats of nails or screws. Such a baseboard can be used several times, its surface will always be like new. The skirting board is well processed (sawn, cut, and t. P.). Special details are provided for the design of external and internal corners, plugs (left and right), which facilitates installation, and also gives a complete look to the room.


PVC skirting board – shockproof, does not require special care, resistant to household chemicals, is not subject to corrosion and rot, durable.

The use of our plinth is relevant for business centers, offices, shops, banks, children’s institutions and residential premises due to the possibility of simple laying communications in combination with a spectacular design solution.


A wide range of colors will make it possible to perfectly choose a baseboard for your flooring. It is possible to supply more than 27 colors, including imitation of various varieties of wood and stone, matte or glossy.

The skirting board does not require additional clip, complex mounting systems or decorative plugs – this will reduce your repair and make the interior of the room more aesthetic.

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