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Types and laying of wooden coatings.

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The house or apartment will look more comfortable and rich if the floor is finished, or the walls are made of natural wood. You can see catalogs of modern flooring in the gallery, which is offered by the flooring store.Modern wooden flooring are represented in various varieties that differ in characteristics and decorative value. The type of coating can be a massive board made of natural wood, piece parquet or laminate, given the cost of this type of material and work, it is better to turn to the masters of their craft, but even in this case, you need to know a lock of work, and what you should pay attention to.

Consider the piece parquet, choosing this type of coating in the store, pay attention to its appearance, it should look like a set of strips of the same size, but it can be made of different wood species. Quality is determined by the lack of defects on wood (cracks, chips, knots). Parquet laying is a long process, it is necessary to level the floor with a screed, sheets of plywood are laid on the even surface, on which they are glued (or mounted using nails) Parquet. Subsequent actions are grinding, clutching cracks in the floor, again grinding, final primer and floor varnishing.

The massive board is used in the outer and inner interior of the premises, in fact, it is the same, piece parquet only much larger. The styling method is very similar to laying the parquet, only the installation of the board occurs by connecting the grooves located on the ribs of the planks. This type of coating is more durable due to the thickness of the useful layer.

The flooring of the floor with laminate is certainly a less expensive and laborious option option. It is a synthetic material, therefore it is more resistant to moisture and has better wear resistance. Laying is carried out on an even floor, through groove assembly and takes less time for installation. If desired and with the help of manuals, the assembly can be carried out independently.

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