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The first toilet with a drain barrel was invented in 1596 by gray John Harrington for Queen Elizabeth. The author called his invention Ajax. The price of Harrington toilet at that time was quite high. However, they were not widespread not because of the price, but due to the lack of water supply and sewage. Now it’s hard to imagine a modern apartment without this miracle of plumbing thought. Today it is not so easy to determine the choice of the toilet, it is better to call a plumbing that will tell you which is better to choose and install it. The current assortment and variety of toilets allows you to approach its purchase in all seriousness. Very often, people try to evaluate how the toilet will work in its appearance, based on their past experience. By this they make a mistake. Toilets that were several years ago and modern are much different from each other. How to determine that the washing of water in the toilet will be good? What conditions are needed for this? The smoothness of the glaze affects good washing in the toilet. If the glaze is porous, then particles of dirt fall into it, it is poorly washed off and you need to use a ruff more often. If the glaze is smooth, then everything will be washed off well and the toilet will last a very long time. How fast and quietly the water will be recruited in the barrel, shut -off valves affect.

The principle of its action on modern toilets is almost the same. It is better to pay attention to the manufacturer here. Now we will decide on the materials. Some manufacturers have toilets not made of faience, but from porcelain. How do they differ? Porcelain more dense material, it absorbs moisture less and, accordingly, bacteria multiply less in it. If you save water, it is better to choose a toilet with a double -button reinforcement, where there is a large and small drain. Since it is impossible to determine the effectiveness of the toilet in appearance, it is better to ask friends and friends what they have with them. And already focus on their experience. With the right choice and operation, the service life of the toilet is almost unlimited.

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