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We protect the house from insects. Mosquito nets and their types.

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A few days later, an official summer will come, and Moshkara and other insects already plow not only the expanses of country houses, but also fly a wary along our city windows, in anticipation, when we let them inside. If you do not like small flying and crawling representatives of our planet, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with window and door screens that prevent them from getting into your home without depriving you of air. Such nets exist in different versions, but in order not to spoil your interior, manufacturers have created quite stylish options.

Mosquitoes are especially nasty creatures and carriers of various diseases. They are undoubtedly part of the ecosystem of our planets, but this does not mean that we should let them bite ourselves. Install screen nets from mosquitoes on windows and doors in your country house or in a city apartment and feel free to let oxygen into the house, protecting it from insects. This summer is expected special heat, so we recommend that we take care of this today. Look for companies that sell screens from insects, including you can study the website in the search for organizations of the Republic of Dagestan. Then, you can enjoy the night cool, not letting annoying mosquitoes into your house.

Some nets from insects for windows and doors are firmly fixed in the openings, while others are removable structures for use only at the time when they are needed. There are also half removable and folding options that allow you to open windows partially or completely.

Mosquito screens are made of metal, plastic or bamboo. The standard color frame is white with a transparent net, but you can consider color options.

Mosquito nets from frame -type mosquitoes are most often installed on city plastic windows. They are made for a ready -made opening to order. Such a grid looks like a frame with a grid made of polymer thread. It can be easily installed and easy to remove, as it is attached to the window opening on simple mounts.

The mosquito -type mosquito type also has a frame design at the base, but is attached differently. It is mounted directly on the loops of the window itself and therefore it is good for frequent use. It is chosen mainly for balcony doors or ordinary doors in summer houses.

Mosquito nets of sliding type are good for sliding plastic windows or balcony glazing. In fact, this is a frame that moves like a cape door.

Rolled mosquito nets are least used, although they can be very convenient. The minus is the price and care of the product, but visually this is the best option.

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