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Nowadays there is a very decent amount of flooring on the market. With all the differences, all these materials, if it is of high quality, must meet approximately the same requirements. They must be strong, durable, have soundproofing properties and, finally, just delight the eye. The main types of flooring, which has long been pleased with wood coatings, polymer (various linoleums and stoves), ceramic and, relatively recently, laminated floors joined this company.

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The most popular, of course, were, there are, and e, for a long time there will remain wooden floors. What can be compared with a natural tree? And aesthetics, and the warmth of the tree, and durability, and high operational properties. There are, however, several disadvantages. First of all, a high price, then, susceptibility to moisture and creakability, which appears in the process of long exploitation, associated, just with the influence of moisture.

The second place is undoubtedly occupied by polymer coatings. Linoleums and polymer tiles can be found almost everywhere. A relatively low price, an unimaginable variety of textures and colors, immunity to moisture, determine the popularity of this type of coatings.

However, recently, between the tree and the polymer, the laminate has persistently tries to wedge. And not without success.  The secret is simple. Possessing the aesthetic attractiveness of natural wood, the laminate is much more accessible in price, has high strength and is easily mounted. Achilles of the heel of the laminated coating – water supply and short life.

Ceramics, is unlikely to yield in popularity any of the listed materials and recommendations does not need, but the scope of the tile coating is still limited.

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