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Buying windows to the country

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The selection of one or another glazing of the cottage by the headstore is closely connected with the materials from which the house itself is made. In case of wood, it will be logical to establish a Euro -window of wood, which now has a huge variety both in configurations and in views. If, for example, the house is made of brick, then they are perfect for it on the design of the window of plastic.

We will see in detail the types of wood windows, now offered by window companies in the list. Their very first category is demonstrated by wood frame, the other with the presence of aluminum in them. Well, completely wooden frames are made from a holistic beam of various wood or glued wood. Real euro -covers are infrequently produced from a holistic bar, though it would be cheaper. This approach was used during the USSR, and we all do not forget what properties the same Soviet windows owned.

Returning to obsolete methods is somehow not hunting, that is why today’s Eurookna applies new techniques for the production of frames from wood from wood. Useful wood of wood are taken for them: beech, chestnut, oak, larch and others. And the finish of wood is now taking place in another way. Processively simple varnish, specialized impregnations are used, which not only gives the tree to “breathe”, but also store its actual characteristics for a long period, lengthening the overall life of the window. According to the combination of euro -winds made of wood are similar to plastic, t. e. They include the frame and a single or double -glazed window.

Wood-aluminum systems are very different from Euroocon. These are the so -called Finnish windows, as well as varieties in German and Swedish execution. Finnish (Scandinavian) windows represent two frames, in one of which there are ordinary glass, and in the other – warm glass -packet. With all this, there is aluminum in one frame, a tree in another. This gives windows a certain heaviness, but also special warmth, such windows are more expensive than ordinary ones, in addition, they are revealed only in one direction – rotary, with all this, the window (micro -profile or transom) can be calculated in their design).

Similar to the Finnish Swedish windows, in which the frames are fastened to each other and can be revealed both in the folding and in the turning position, which already greatly resembles the traditional Euro -Owl. Options from Germany of wood-aluminum windows are even more difficult design, which distinguish excellent properties of thermal insulation. More details about plastic windows in Kyiv prices at

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