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Master for an hour, work for us!

by bestchicago

If you have never used the services of a master for an hour, you can safely consider yourself a rare unique and just a happy woman. Unfortunately, most of us are familiar with the situation when everything is bad in the house, and these very hands, strong and male, is not possible to connect to repair due to different circumstances. Like a dumb reproach of conscience, unfinished bathroom repair; The front door, reminiscent that the replacement of locks is just around the corner; Well, about the kitchen that requires urgently repair windows in it, and I do not want to remember.

Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have enough time or patience to repair a dream, and sometimes and sometimes the strength.

You should not run after Valerian at your service a master for an hour, which, like a good fairy from a fairy tale, will visit your house and transform it beyond recognition! You won’t believe it, but the master for an hour, or, as it is still called, the husband for an hour is a universal assistant, ready to put small and large work on his shoulders, fixing and fixing everything that is subject to repair. And if earlier the services of the master rarely used the services of an hour, preferring to seek help from neighbors and kumovyam, now the services of professional assistants are in demand, more than ever, because the key word is professionalism, which means quality.

As a rule, the master is ready to provide you with a full list of services for an hour:

· A hitch of cornices, paintings, fasteners for video and audio equipment;

· Turnkey repair and toilet room;

· Replacement of locks, their installation and reinstallation;

· Installation and repair of windows;

· Playing and painting walls, repairing interior doors, etc. D.

The master comes to your apartment for an hour, and, as if by a wave of a magic wand, there begins to spin and spin that he didn’t spin, as Gosha used to say, he is a gog, from the movie Moscow does not believe in tears . Tempting, is it not true? So stop annoying the dripping tap for an hour, he will come at any time convenient for you, make work efficiently and quickly, leaving you to enjoy life in the apartment, where everything is done as you want you!

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