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It all starts with design

by bestchicago

Any construction begins with design. If it was a small cottage, a huge enterprise or building for an office of a large company. Of course, the scale and tasks are significantly different, but you can not do without a project anyway. And specialists in the relevant area – housing or industrial construction are engaged in it.

Of course, the complexity of the tasks varies significantly and increases with the scale of the buildings and the purpose of which they will be used. And if for a private house one of the pressing tasks is to summarize ordinary household utilities and installation of electricians in the cottage, then for the construction of the data storage center (data center), the requirements and tasks will be other, much more stringent. Indeed, at the data center, quite tender and expensive devices and devices will be placed, in which even more valuable data will be stored. And if the shutdown of light in the cottage is fraught with temporary inconveniences, then the same event in the data center can be equivalent to a destructive earthquake or tsunami.

Therefore, when designing such buildings, not only the placement of various equipment is provided that will process and store information, but also additional engineering tools that will ensure its reliable and uninterrupted operation. That is why the installation of the data center is possible only in specially designed rooms – it can be either a separate building, specially designed and built for these purposes (the best option), or a specially converted part of the existing structure. But in any case, both during construction and during re -equipment, a correctly worked out project is necessary.

On the shoulders of architects and builders are the development and creation of the life support systems of the data center, these are the same engineering communications, and in addition to ventilation, air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, observation and control of access. It is also necessary to design and equip a structured cable system, although this is rather the creation of schemes (data storage network) than a construction task.

In any case, when designing such complex objects, not only knowledge and experience of the designer is necessary, but also cooperation with specialists in the field of computer technology and customer representatives. Therefore, if you plan to build a special purpose building, do not try to do everything “on your own”. At least you will make errors in the process of designing, you can lose expensive equipment and invaluable information.

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