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Everything you need for successful work in the BC class A from the management company “Theorem”

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The “theorem” is delivered to offices in several business buildings, among them “Benoit”, “Winter” and “Summer”, located in the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg, in the Business Park “Polyustovo”. These business centers of class A with original memorable facades were designed by the German NPS Tchoban Voss Bureau. Benoit has a rewards of the House of the Year and Commercial Real Estate Saint Petersburg. “Winter” and “Summer” also awarded the Cre prize.

Office rental in the business center managed by the “theorem” is offered in Polyustovo PSU at a rate of 1600 rubles.sq. m per month. Now the following areas are free here, completely ready to receive tenants:

–          offices from 22 to 59 square meters. m,

–          Office blocks from 81 to 122 square meters. m.

A number of premises are species. Part of the windows of “Winter” and “Benois” are facing the parks, and in “summer” – towards the lake.

In addition to unusual external decor and excellent species characteristics, these buildings are distinguished by modern equipment, high -quality decoration and professional management. An important part of the latter is the Smart BC service. The software on the basis of which the service works was designed specifically for the network of business centers of the Criminal Code of the Criminal Code. Smart BC allows tenants to quickly interact with specialists of the service units of the Criminal Code and evaluate their work.

As a rule, organizations in our city strive to rent the most convenient areas of those that the business centers of St. Petersburg offer. In areas adjacent to the historical center of the city, there are many proposals, but the Polyustovo business park stands out favorably among other business complexes. Parking, one of the largest in the city, copyright architectural projects, landscaped territory, developed infrastructure – such is a far -in list of advantages of this place. In addition, customers receive a special bonus here: when concluding a lease agreement from March 01 to May 31, 2016, they are given a month of rental holidays. Details by phone. 8 (812) 333-0-444.

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