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Forks of a fork loader

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The fork loader would not be a fork loader if he had no forks. Let’s look at this part of the fork loader in more detail.

You can divide the loader for two main types:

1) for loaders for loaders in the carrying capacity range from 1 to 7 metric tons (1 metric ton is 1000 kilograms). Most manufacturers work in this segment, and all the forks are usually standardized, that is, the forks from the Jungheinrich fork loader are also suitable for the Toyota models of the same class.

Such forks can be purchased from different wholesalers and even Chinese manufacturers are quite strong in this market.

2) for loaders for loaders with a carrying capacity of more than 8 metric tons. This segment has a combination of standard products and products of special production (especially when it comes to exceeding the carrying capacity of 16 metric tons). Such loaders set more complex lifting tasks and strict goals. Consequently, manufacturers of technology of this segment are more careful in choosing forks, since they are part of the responsibility for the guarantee to withstand certified capacities. In addition, forks for such loaders are heavier on their own. There are not so many permissions manufacturers of perch of this quality.

Each manufacturer of for loaders has its own ideas about how to satisfy demand, combining it with the price. Below we will list some of the factors that affect the quality of the forks, their price and durability.

The material is a decisive factor as a fork. The manufacturer can choose any of the alloys – from completely poor, but cheap, to quite good ones for a reasonable price, as well as expensive high -quality alloys. There are no workarounds in this parameter – you get the quality for which you pay.

The production method also affects the price. There are manufacturers who have a fully automatic production line where human assistance is not used. And there are manufacturers who make the good old way with the participation of a specialist.

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