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Buying housing is a responsible business

by bestchicago

Buying housing is a responsible business, in connection with which many questions arise. The cost of a square meter remains the key, since the area of ​​the apartment or house depends on it. There are a number of factors participating in pricing.

Housing prices are formed under the influence of natural market processes. The decisive role is played not even by the competition of construction companies, but by the participation of the state in the development of the necessary infrastructure. A considerable percentage belongs to materials and construction technologies. It turns out that renting an apartment on Kutuzovsky is cheaper than buying housing for the Moscow Ring Road.

Consider each item separately and try to determine how realistic a decrease in the cost of apartments is.

Good old cement

Which never fails and already, which is a decade in a row, is the main material for the construction of buildings. The cost per square meter by 0.1 depends on the market price of this material.

The situation is ambiguous, since cement is not enough and it is not free in the publication. Factories do not sell cement to construction companies, and they are forced to look for intermediaries. In turn, “reserves” increase the price several times. From here, the cosmic cost of a meter originates.

But what about the development of economical materials?

Naturally arising question. Development is in full swing. The production, sale and use of materials such as sandwich panels, foam blocks and various polymer panels have been less established. For the reason that they require verification for suitability, testing and, most importantly, certification.

The same words relate to construction technologies. Designers design, but neither builders nor buyers still feel results.

The state will help us

The presence of communications is a factor that determines the speed of construction. No company has sufficient means and technical capabilities to lay a network of roads, sewer pipes and telecommunications to master new areas.

Until the work in this direction will gain the necessary speed, the housing market will experience a deficit. Accordingly, prices for residential and commercial areas will remain high. Therefore, rental of non -residential premises without intermediaries remains the most acceptable option for entrepreneurs.

Demand for housing is high, and the saturation of the real estate market is not 50% of the required number. The situation is fundamentally changed when technological developments are available and when land plots will be ready for development. Until then, housing prices will remain unchanged.

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