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Why is the market of power tools growing

by bestchicago

Power tools are popular goods around the world. Today, these convenient devices are bought by both professionals and lovers to make something at home on their own. The fact is that, unlike traditional tools, power tools allow you to work more efficiently, and any process is easier. In addition, power tools are now available at the lowest prices (at least the goods of some brands, especially Chinese). And if there is no way to buy equipment, that is, a service such as renting a power tool (for example, the site says that you can rent any type of tool – from a jigsaw to a drill, from a perforator to a disc saw, from a gaykowort to a tile -cutter, etc. P.).

The market of power tools is already very large, and it is expected that in ten years it will become twice as many. The power tool is rapidly ahead of the popularity of a hand tool, since many people prefer to perform small housework on their own, and the power tool allows you to do this, and also simplifies work compared to the usual tool, which requires strength or dexterity. In addition, the number of wireless electrical tools increases, which increases the demand for this category of products even more.

In fact, even professionals begin to give more preference to the power tool. Of course, there are still hand tools in the suitcases of any master, but there are also power tools in it. For example, many furniture collectors prefer screws, laying down the usual screwdrivers to the side. The reason is that modern furniture contains a lot of screws, and it is much easier and faster to use the power tool. Builders also prefer a power tool because it accelerates the work.

China dominates the global power tools market. About 80% of the world stock of power tools are produced in China. Chinese manufacturers have a price advantage, as they can offer effective tools for competitive cost.

The transition from wired to battery tools has already begun, and the demand for wireless tools will only grow. Another key trend will be the transition from NI-CD batteries to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have small weight, high efficiency.

Innovations in the market of power tools are also popular, but not all brands think creatively. The most popular market innovers are Hitachi and Makita. Their developers think about increasing efficiency, reduction of dust when working with a device, decreasing noise and vibration.

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