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Preparation for the construction of the pool

by bestchicago

Some a couple of decades ago, a personal pool was considered an unattainable luxury. Now, in the age of unlimited opportunities and fantasies, it is not so wild to have your own pool at home – rather, on the contrary, this is one of the indicators of style and taste.

So, the construction of the pool provides for a number of engineering and hydraulic operations. By itself, the type of reservoir refers to hydraulic structures and, by the way, a concrete bowl, a couple of meters deep and filled with water, while not having special equipment – is not a pool. This is just a kind of semblance.

Before starting construction work directly, it is necessary to do the soil analysis, check how deeply the groundwater occurrence, what is the depth of freezing of the soil in the winter and, of course, determine the composition of the soil itself. You can also choose septic tanks for a country house on this site. In the suburban area, this is a necessary thing.

Further, depending on the type of soil, you should choose the shape of the pool. The better the soil, the more diverse the choice of forms. Then, at the design stage, it is necessary to determine the depth of the reservoir. It is very easy to do this, you just need to take into account the average growth of people in the use of which the reservoir will be located. It is also necessary to take into account for what purpose the pool will be used (for calm swimming or for jumping). It is better to plan a pool of different depths. This will be the optimal action, both at the design stage and during its further operation, in addition, this option will reduce economic expenses.

An important role is played by the place at which the construction is supposed. It is better to arrange the object so that the prevailing winds are blowing along the mirror of the pool along its length. Thus, the garbage that has fallen into the pool will accumulate from the windward side and it is much easier to remove it.

Before carrying out construction work, it is better to verify several times in the accuracy of the project, take into account all influencing and possibly influencing natural and technogenic factors.

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