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Why the air conditioner cannot replace the heating system?

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In recent years, developers and manufacturers of air conditioners managed to place a number of models on the market, surprising their capabilities. Thus, recognized leaders in this area, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric, have developed inverter systems to heat the rooms at air temperature outside -25ºС. In addition, the designers managed to create models that consuming only one kilowatts of electricity give more than four kilowatts for cooling or heating the room.

The question reasonably arises, is it possible to use these warming split systems as a heat source for heating the room?

First of all, it is worthwhile to figure out how the air conditioner produces heat? After all, this is not a heater in which there is a heating element. To understand this, you should turn to physics. From the course of high school, it is known that when fluid is evaporated, the temperature decreases, and during condensation it rises, since the amount of heat that has gone to its vaporization is given. The following occurs in the air conditioner.

Under high pressure, Freon condenses in the heat exchanger of the inner unit, and as a result, its temperature rises to 80ºС. Then he enters the external block, where, with reduced pressure, he evaporates again and again enters the heat exchanger of the inner block. And so on. The most difficult in this chain was the bringing of Freon to a boil.

Modern inverter air conditioners can warm the air even at very low temperatures, but, nevertheless, the question of heating the house created on the basis of air conditioners is several premature.

Firstly, the air temperature on the street may decrease below 25ºС, and then the operation of the system will be impossible

Secondly, the issue of economic benefit is far from ambiguous. Electricity saving – yes, but no more.

As for a city apartment, the use of air conditioning for heating is a real matter. And not only for heating. When ventilating the room in winter, cold drafts often occur, and we strive to close the windows as quickly as possible. The effect of such ventilations is small. What can be done?

First you should insulate the windows themselves. If you have old wooden (with glasses, not double -glazed windows) windows, then you can install windows of such a plan, this will improve the situation. Turn on the heating function to maximum power, and direct the air flow to that place under the open window where the draft begins. The air received from the open window will warm up, and the cold draft will disappear. Such ventilation will help to “change” air in the room, avoiding troubles associated with draft.

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