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Who needs a small print print?

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Who needs a small print print?

From the moment the first book was seen, a lot of time has passed. With the development of printing technologies, reading became more and more popular not only among scientists, but also among other people.

For some, the book is a wise adviser and a source of knowledge, for some-a way to avoid the grayness and predictability of everyday life. But for all authors, the book is a fruit of self -expression and a huge work, so printing books in small circulations today is very relevant.

Who is interested in small quantities?

First of all, a small circulation is due to the level of demand for the book. Often training materials, dissertations, guidelines and monographs are printed in a limited number. Customers can be both private individuals (authors) and organizations (departments of educational institutions, universities themselves).

A separate circle is formed by novice writers. In order to declare themselves in the literary community, they need to at least release a small number of books at least for a narrow circle of readers or critics. So to speak, a trial race before a stunning victorious start.

Due to the small circulation, the book, released in this way, has exclusivity. This attracts an increasing number of gift customers. The only collection of poems or short stories with the initials of the future owner in the fields or right on the cover is a pleasant and unusual gift. Popular publications of nominal diaries and books for recording recipes become popular.

Computer technology has simplified the process of printing books and reduced its cost. Mcakets can be stored electronically, and re-print the publication or fix something in the finished layout is quite simple. The impression of a book issued by both small and large circulation also depends on the quality of materials, ranging from the pages to the binding. However, the most important and decisive moment always remains the content of the book – it all depends on the author.

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