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Container farms on hydroponics will help residents of Alaska eat fresh herbs

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In the city of Cocebu in Alaska (USA), the temperature can drop to 60 degrees below zero, which complicates the production of any local products. Food products brought from other regions are incredibly expensive. Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation is trying to find a new solution for a product problem in this region by growing products in sea containers based on hydroponics method (growing plants without soil on nutrient solutions).

Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation opened a subsidiary Arctic Greens, which provides fresh products to the residents of Cocebu. In partnership with Vertical Harvest Hydroponics from Anchorija, which created a 40-foot container to order, Kikiktagruk Inupiat launched the project this summer. The local grocery store Alaska Commercial agreed to purchase the products produced, and the first crop marked the successful start of the program. Locals noticed an extraordinary difference in taste and quality of goods.

At the moment, Kikiktagruk Inpiat strives to grow 21 types of herbs and vegetables, including different types of cabbage and salads.

The container-farm can produce up to 550 by a portion of fresh products per week if it works at full capacity. The temperature inside the container is completely controlled, therefore, even in the conditions of cold winter, residents of the region can receive fresh products from the “beds”.

The aim of the project is to change trading models, or rather, providing people of the region with the opportunity to amend trading models. The supply of green products to Alaska requires large expenses, and therefore fresh greens cost local residents “in a penny”. With a container farm, where food is grown by hydroponics by the method of the method of the method, Alaska communities can lead a healthy lifestyle, consuming fresh, and not canned, at a lower price.

If the results will continue to please, the company will apply the program to other regions of Alaska and even to the north of Canada. Already 28 stores of the region are ready to buy these products.

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