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Freedom Finance: a full range of stock market brokerage services

by buma888

Brokerage services are necessary for individuals and many companies to carry out transactions on the stock and derivatives markets. Trust and reputation in this case are the most important characteristics; they are used to choose an intermediary. Among the companies operating in Kazakhstan, Freedom Finance stands out.

Main characteristics of the organization

The company is public, its shares are traded in the United States on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The headquarters is based in Almaty, activities extend to 15 countries around the world.

The company is a holding company and has several subsidiaries in its structure. Through mergers, acquisitions and purchases, its activities are expanding and diversifying. To work with investors, the American investment bank Maxim Group LLC with its brokerage division was purchased. To hold conferences with clients and partners, the LD Micro platform became part of the holding.

The company pays attention to other forms of online interaction, having acquired services for the sale of airline and railway tickets. In Kazakhstan, the holding owns banking and insurance services and offers lifestyle services.

The main activity of Freedom Finance JSC is brokerage services for individuals and companies. The company’s work is regulated by the National Bank of Kazakhstan. This allows you to trade on two platforms: KASE (Kazakhstan Stock Exchange) and AIX (Astana International Exchange).

The international broker is called Freedom Finance Global and is registered in the Astana financial center, which makes it possible to provide its clients with transactions on the American exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ, and from the fall of 2022 on the Chinese stock market.

Accounts can be opened by citizens of Kazakhstan and non-residents; there are no restrictions on these parameters. Among the distinctive features of the broker is strong analytical support and the ability to use the advice of experienced specialists to increase investments. The average profitability of this type of trading is 25% per annum.

The company has no entry threshold; you can start trading on the stock exchange with a small capital. An application is provided for working via Tradernet desktop and mobile devices.

The company is focused on global work, introducing artificial intelligence to work with clients in different countries of the world to facilitate communication or prepare prospectuses for issuing securities.

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