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Who may need advanced training in energy and?

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Currently, a huge number of different organizations offers all companies to get advanced training in energy and. Moreover, such a training program can be passed both by managers and specialists.

The main goal that this course pursues is to increase energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Many leaders do not even suspect that this procedure should go through their employees and staff. In particular, the following groups of persons can be noted who, under the current legislation, are required to undergo such training.

First of all, it is worth saying that the course of advanced training on energy audit was created specifically for people working in the housing and communal services service, for managers, for managers, for staff. In addition, it is also necessary to include employees of energy, energy and energy supplying organizations in this list. It is impossible to lose sight of that such courses should also take employees of municipal and regional authorities, as well as construction organizations.

Today you can undergo this course of advanced training in energy audit in several ways. Firstly, this is traditional training with attending lectures. Secondly, it is distance learning. The second method for many people is more attractive, since in this case the separation from production is not carried out.

However, in order for such courses to take such courses, you will need to collect a whole package of documents first. As a rule, it includes a copy of the person’s passport, who is going to undergo training. In this case, a page is needed here only with the initials of an employee. Secondly, a copy of the diploma will definitely be required. In this case, only those diplomas that were received in certain higher educational institutions are taken into account. Thirdly, documents will be necessary that will confirm the fact of the location of this employee in the staff of the employees at the moment. By such documents in this case, the following papers are meant. This is a copy of the employment contract, as well as a copy of the work book.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that a person who has undergone such training receives a special certificate. To date, if the company wants to enter the SRO of energy auditors in Moscow or in any other city, it definitely needs to get such a document. Moreover, it is necessary that such a certificate receive at least four employees of a particular organization. Without the presence of a certificate of advanced training, entry into the SRO will be impossible.

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