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The roof of a wooden house

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The roof of a log or a beam house is one of the most important elements of the structure that will ensure in the subsequent comfort and durability of the house. The main design of the roof of a wooden house – These are wood building materials, which, with open contact with the external environment under the influence of moisture and other atmospheric phenomena, begins to deteriorate. Therefore, due attention should be paid to the roofing structure, because it is it that performs the protective function of the object from the influence of the external environment.

More often during the construction process, roofing structures are covered with roofing material, but the customer can choose another material for the roofing structure. It is worth noting that during the shrinkage of the log house the roof is practically not subject to deformation, so «finishing option» The house can have a roof at the time of delivery of the object.

Depending on the preferences and features of the house, they choose between the following types of roof:

– flat and multifaceted roof;

– gable roof;

– roof with broken features;

– The attic roof.

Most roofing structures are based on supporting beams and lanies. The crate is produced on them and coated with roofing materials that can be purchased at the bloodstream. Consultants will help you choose the necessary material depending on the features of the type of roof. For example, on a roof of attic type, it is not recommended to use easily cracking materials, such as ceramic tiles.

When choosing roofing materials, it is necessary to pay attention to their characteristics and recommendations on use in certain climatic zones from the manufacturer. Also in advance, decide in advance with the company to which you will entrust the repair and installation of the roof, which sooner or later will undoubtedly appear.

No less important point when installing and arranging a roof – This is her insulation. At this stage, it is necessary to take care of steam and hydraulic protection of internal structures and laying the heat -insulating material.

During the installation of the roof on attic structures, reflective coatings are additionally resorted to use to ensure normal temperature regime in the house in the summer. Thermal insulation on structures of this type is carried out in such a way as to prevent heating of roofing material in the winter, as this can lead to the formation of ice and destruction of the roof. The gable types of roofs are insulated in the undercuts between the steps of the lag, and the additional thermal insulation is provided by laying additional materials in the ceiling floors between the attic and the premises.

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