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Ring from reeds. Advantages and disadvantages

by bestchicago

Kamysh roof, visually transfers the village atmosphere, is great for the device in the houses of “country” style. Even the easiest house, with reed roofs will look more modern and have a special charm.

Advantages of the design of reed roofs:

– roofs covered with such natural material have a fairly long service life, which is about 50 long years;

– The reed roofing has a high level of noise absorption, and even on the most rainy day, in your house it will be quiet and comfortable;

– Kamysh, in itself, the marsh plant, and therefore, such roofing materials are not subject to decay, and is not afraid of a long stay in a wet state;

– reed roofs do not need additional work on noise and thermal insulation;

– Kamysh is a highly ecological material borrowed from the very mother of nature;

– roofs covered with reeds have a beautiful and attractive appearance, while they are quite respectable;

– Kamysh is not able to accumulate statistical electricity – reeds, this is almost the same straw!

Disadvantages of the design of reed roofs:

– Ring from reeds requires special care with a regular frequency;

– reeds, suitable material for nesting of birds, and therefore, bald spots may appear in the roof covering, since birds steal reeds for their own arrangement;

– roofing from reeds, needs to be treated with preparations against the fungus, because, as a result, a long stay of the material in a raw state, can contribute to the growth of fungal formations;

– The reed roofing is thin, and for the installation of such a roof design, it will be better to invite real professionals;

– reed roofing is considered one of the most expensive structures, although the reeds in nature grow quickly enough, such material has not a cheap cost.

Roof from reeds will only give you pleasure and satisfaction, its exploitation is only a joy!

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