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How to choose ringtones for messages and calls on your mobile phone

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The development of mobile phones has led to the ability to select ringtones for reporting calls and other events. These alerts can be customized at your discretion by assigning a different ringtone to each caller or signal. This approach allows you to diversify calls so that they do not get boring, set different melodies for alarms, SMS messages and other significant signals. Many owners keep dozens of songs on their devices, constantly updating them. For everyone, special web resources have been created where already prepared files are stored, which are available for downloading and installation on a mobile device.

Web resource offers

One of the sites where you can find such ringtones is the Romanian Internet platform “Ringab.net”. She collects a lot of melodies on her pages and forms popular playlists from them. You can find the top 50 on https://ringab.net/week.html for a week, month, year.

It is worth considering that the portal contains only fragments of compositions lasting tens of seconds. This is done in order to present the most suitable part of the melody as a ringtone. This also saves space in the smartphone’s memory so that you can install several dozen options without slowing down the operation of the device.

On the site you can see several data related directly to the melody that can be downloaded:

  1. Title of the composition.
  2. Artist name.
  3. The small picture shows a preview of the album cover.
  4. The duration of the passage is indicated in seconds.
  5. It is possible to listen to the entire ringtone before deciding to download.

The site offers compositions in MP3 format and the highest bitrate that this type of file allows – 320 kbps.

Main advantages of the site

The resource is free and allows you to download an unlimited number of songs. An important feature is the constant addition of new works. Every day the portal grows by 2024 songs or melodies in different genres.

Playlists are also updated weekly and monthly to meet the principles of popularity and provide an opportunity to quickly get acquainted with new music.

Users have the ability to create their own playlists to gradually update the contents of their phones when old tunes lose their relevance.

The site is always available, so users can access it from desktop computers and mobile devices at any time.

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