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SRO as a guarantor of high quality and responsibility.

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SRO arose in response to ever -increasing bureaucratic obstacles and illegal banking requisitions necessary for the construction organization to receive such necessary in a row to carry out construction or repair work. The cancellation of licensing in the field of construction was the first step towards new methods of admission, then a fundamentally new system of monitoring entrepreneurial activities in the field of construction was created.

Thanks to the SRO, today the choice of bona fide performers is carried out, they are monitored at their work at all stages and is responsible with them for the final result, the guarantee of which is the time insurance.

Two years later, from the beginning of the existence of SRO, it became clear that we received a well -working mechanism with which we can regulate relations in the production and industrial spheres. SPA is conducting necessary to improve the quality of development services, establish their standards and rules, monitor compliance with legal norms. A huge plus can also be considered that it is possible to avoid excessive bureaucratic impact, since state control is limited.

When organizing the SRO, the long -term positive experience of the existence of foreign structures was taken into account, engaged in adjusting the activities of private companies, united on the basis of belonging to a certain industry. Entry into the SRO is voluntary and independent, and financing is carried out on the basis of the contributions of members of the SRO. At the same time, contributions in the SRO allow self -regulatory organizations to finance, all members of the SRO pay them.

SROs have broad powers, they are involved in the settlement of issues on the adoption of certain standards, monitor compliance with the norms and issuing certificates and toleures for certain types of activities.

Membership in the SRO is today an indicator of a conscientious attitude to its obligations, as well as a guarantee of their fulfillment, because not only the company providing services, but also a self -regulatory organization is responsible. After the termination of the state licensing procedure, the SRO took the functions of regulating the distribution of contracts for work among all its members. SRO, as a provider of quality services, filters small organizations that do not have proper qualifications or do not have a sufficient base to make a large fee, which is a guarantor if any miscalculations are allowed during the activity. This increases the level of work and the degree of responsibility of construction companies to customers.

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