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Modern smart house available in Russia

by bestchicago

As you probably already know, the smart house system is a comprehensive equipment of the house by automated control. Smart House is so officially called – “Automatic building management system”. However, the phrase “smart home” is more familiar to all people around the world. It arose for a long time in the minds of the scriptwriters of the films, even before the opportunity to make its dwelling intellectual appeared in an ordinary person.

It is always necessary to understand that not only the option of notification about the problem should be included in the smart house system, but also a computer that will solve the problem itself. Only sensors – this is not a smart house yet. That is why, when making a decision to install a smart home system, contact those companies that offer the correct implementation of the service invested in this concept. For example, a smart house working in St. Petersburg since 2017 may offer really high-quality solutions for the design of a smart home system.

There are several options to put your home for automation. Most often, in Russia very simple sensors tied to a single computer program are used. Sensors monitor the fire, leakage of water or gas, the penetration of outsiders and report this on the computer’s remote control. This is a rather concise explanation of what is a standard for a regular offer in Russia. However, we note that the sensors are in their usual condition, only the information conveying to a person, this is not a smart house system yet. Real automation implies not only a man of a person about a particular event, but also a specific action in his regard. So, the system of a smart house that noticed a fire must do something. For example, automatically include fire extinguishing or send a request to the fire service. Then, the house becomes smart-he must do something on his own.

Automation of the building according to the Smart House system is multiple sensors that monitor changes in the apartment and a computer program that is configured for the solutions of solutions to the problems without participation. By the way, a smart house controls not only hacks, fires, leaks, accidents but also improves the quality of life. So, for example, you can install the option of holding a comfortable temperature regime in the room, control of electrical appliances using a remote device, autonomous ventilation setting, and so on. In general, the house will work for you, and you will not even notice how comfortable inside.

Portal Project Rodrey wishes your home the maximum comfort and security. Always choose the right product and service.

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