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Voltage jumps, interruptions in the supply of electricity – all this leads to the conclusion of very expensive equipment. Even innovations in the form of additional blocks designed to protect against such jumps do not always help save equipment.

This problem is especially relevant for owners of country houses, cottages. Projects of such houses require particularly careful preparation. After all, in addition to ordinary equipment: TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.D., There are also installed generators, gas boilers. One of the main parts of the energy -saving system of the house is voltage stabilizers for gas boilers. With their help, expensive equipment will last you much more time. Many will say that all these are unnecessary expenses and just reinsurance, however, it is worth considering, because repair work will cost you much more expensive.

Almost the entire current technique is now produced by energy -saving, the best level of work of such a technique will be obtained only with constant voltage supply. Thus, the stabilizer helps save your electricity and money.

You can purchase a voltage stabilizer on our Elektrika website. Immediately you can get a free consultation of specialists who will help you choose an option from a large range of products that is suitable for you.

Stabilizers are of various types: three -phase or single -phase, power can change from the parameters of the gas boiler.

This boiler works according to the following principle: the electric discharge brings up the burner. The electronic components of the gas boiler have high sensitivity to any input voltage differences, as well as to work that consume too much energy. Therefore, any interruptions and surplus surges can cause a serious shift in work, derive and building a device, thereby creating inconvenience to the owners of the house. When buying voltage stabilizers, you acquire a guarantee from unnecessary waste repairs for equipment that failed due to the changes in electricity.

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