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Spindles of milling machines

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Among the metalworking machines, milling plants occupy one of the main places. A list of materials that they can process. No less great is the list of operations that can be carried out on the milling machine. The main thing is to choose the right mill, spindle and the corresponding frequency converter, the so -called inverter.

Modern milling machines, as a rule, are equipped with spindles created on the basis of an asynchronous engine. This solution allows you to abandon the use of rubbing parts in the design and positively affects the increase in the spindle resource. In addition, in this case, during the operation of the machine at low speeds, there is no drop in power. As a result, you can more flexibly select the modes of processing materials and improve the quality of the work performed.

During the processing of parts, this main knot of the machine is heated greatly. Therefore, its design provides for air or water cooling. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. For water cooling, the machine will have to be equipped with an additional water capacity. Since water circulates along a closed contour, a ten -liter canist is usually enough. With a high intensity of the spindle heating on powerful machines, you have to resort to compulsory cooling of the circulating water in the water system using chillers.

The air cooling system, which is equipped with spindles of milling machines, does not require installation of additional devices. But it becomes ineffective when processing materials on machines that give a lot of dust. As a result, spindle filters are quickly polluted and they have to be cleaned.

Such an important part of a milling machine as a spindle is customary to divide into groups according to its intended purpose and power. In addition, there are several types of bearings that are used in the design of a particular spindle. Finally, this node can be equipped with a tool system system.

The reliable work of the spindle and the quality of processing with its help depends in many respects depend on the reliability of its design and the good faith of the manufacturer. Spindles for machines from Weiss are used by the well -deserved glory of durable and high -quality. You can purchase them from DMLIEFIRANT, a reliable supplier of high -quality components from the most famous manufacturers.

Its experts, by the way, will help you choose the best spindles for processing any material. After all, it is known that a 800 watt node can be used to process only plastics and plywood. And his analogue, possessing a power of 3-4 kilowatts, will submit to a stone.

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