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The composition of the colors and the choice of color

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The paint must meet certain requirements, that is, to be moisture -resistant, durable, steam -resistant, and also have other important characteristics. These indicators largely depend on its constituent components. Dissolve the components in a special solvent using an emulsion or dispersion.  First, an emulsion is a process in which one liquid dissolves in another liquid. The second, dispersion is a process in which solid particles dissolve in the corresponding liquid. In other words, emulsion paints contain only liquid components, and dispersion paints contain both liquid and solid particles of the substance. By the way, you know that cleaning after repair is a very long process, and it is better to do it all together.

The basis of all colors are binders that form the film after the applied paint dries. Also, an important component is pigments that give the paint the corresponding color. In addition, the paint includes fillers and additives that are responsible for the physicochemical properties of paint. And finally, solvents that dissolve all of the listed ingredients.

Modern manufacturers make colors of the highest quality on today’s technologies that allow you to create a product that meets the requests to the most demanding customers.

But each buyer is always faced with the problem of color choosing, since he can not always purchase the desired stores in stores. Manufacturers have created a tinting system that will help find the color even the most demanding buyer. This system consists of basic colors and tinting machines. White paint acts as a basic paint, and tinting machines contain pigments that contribute to a certain color. Note that a separate manufacturer makes his collection system. Finding a collection machine is not difficult, since in many stores it has.

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