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Plywood, its types and use

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Plywood is a woody material created from several bords glued together (thin layers of a compressed chip). Plywood is quite durable, although visually not very attractive. The material is processed differently, depending on the final purpose of use. Due to the very method of production of plywood, it tends to crack, bending, deformation and shrinkage.

Plywood is sometimes mentioned as an artificial tree, although it is made from a mixture of natural wooden materials. It, of course, contains different chemical mixtures, but basically it is impregnations and glue that hold the layers together and help to acquire different properties. For example, FSF plywood is produced using phenol -formaldehyde glue and is characterized by high strength and wear resistance, as well as moisture resistance. Plywood FSF The most popular in its properties. If you want to purchase a FSF plywood in Moscow or other lumber, you can do this online, for example, through the website of OSPRI. Natural glue is used in the fan faner and this is the purest plywood by the standards of ecology, although it is demented to moisture. FC plywood on a carbamide glue is also bad in water resistance indicators, exactly, like BV. FC Plywood is good for furniture, BV plywood with a bakelite water -soluble glue does not rot, bending, durable, elastic. The same qualities in the plywood of the BS on a bakelite gluten, but alcohol -shaped, so it is also waterproof. Maximum resistance to aggressive environment in FB plywood on bakelite varnish.

The layers that form a plywood, as a rule, are obtained on a rotational machine, which shakes a continuously rotating wood of wood. The rotational machine very effectively uses wood, cutting the veneer most suitable for plywood. Some machines are designed to remove more interesting parts of wood fibers, although they can use wood more wasteful.

After cutting the veneer, it is superimposed on each other with glue layers. They are pressed to each other very tightly until completely dry, resulting in flat and tightly compacted pieces of plywood.

For plywood, they use different materials, including coniferous rocks – pines, fir and spruce. Coniferous plywood is usually pale and used for construction work. It is sometimes decorated with a beautiful veneer of exotic deciduous rocks.

If plywood is designed to use indoors, as a rule, a plywood is chosen without high requirements to retain moisture. For installation on the street, you need plywood, which is glued with a more durable glue, not subject to moisture.

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