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Where and how you can buy a staircase?

by bestchicago

If you see somewhere a beautiful staircase and think about buying the same, you do not need a stairs store at all, but a manufacturer. On the site of the manufacturer of stairs, you can find exhibition samples and get acquainted with standard projects, as well as previous work of masters. Then, provided that you liked the resume of the company, you need to order from it the manufacture of stairs according to your parameters and design wishes. If necessary, an architect will work with you so that you can describe your idea to him. But before making the stairs it is also required to measure in your house.

If you have a small budget, then you need to inform the manufacturer about this in advance so that he tells you what details to save on the details. For example, you can help you choose the cheapest material for the manufacture of stairs, handrails and railings.

In any case, the first thing you need to make measurements.

So that in the company you can at least approximately call the minimum order cost, you need to at least approximately call the dimensions of the stairs you need. Start by measuring the rise (distance from the first floor to the second, diagonally lifting the stairs). This will help, provided that you want a direct staircase. Other options for stairs are rotary (with spans) and spiral (spiral). These options are necessary where it is inconvenient to put a direct staircase. Keep in mind that the spiral staircase is good if there is no place for placing an ordinary staircase (very small spaces), but this type of stairs is not the most practical (and lift furniture and other things to the second floor on it).

The most universal material for the manufacture of stairs is a tree. You can create a cheap staircase from wood, but you can also make an expensive elite staircase from wood.

The cheapest is the use of pine or even engineering wood (stoves from fibers and chips). Wood of deciduous species is more expensive than coniferous wood.

Glass or acrylic is often used in modern interiors. But scratches will appear on acrylic stairs. It’s not rarely glass stairs are quite expensive, especially among high -level specialists.

Metal stairs, like wooden, can be expensive and cheap. Visually, they look heavy enough, and if the metal staircase is planned and designed poorly, then it will also seem industrial.

Stairs are also made of stone and concrete. These are expensive stairs, but they look very solid.

Materials can be combined.

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