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Planking and its main advantages

by bestchicago

Planquin, for sure, was seen by many of us, simply not everyone associates this beautiful and natural finishing material with this name. Planken is used, first of all, for the lining of the facades, as well as for the decoration of arbors, baths, fences, and even for decor elements in the interior. Planquin from larch looks especially organic – its natural warm color and excellent performance have proven itself perfectly. Planken today is very popular due to its attractive appearance, as well as ease of installation.

When lining with the plank, a new technology is used, in which an air gap remains between the wall and the skin. This allows you to use planken in residential buildings, administrative buildings, public enterprises, etc.D. Thanks to this layer of air, the wall has excellent noise and heat-insulating qualities, does not miss moisture. Planquin is not afraid of rotting and mold, since it is carefully processed with special impregnations and compositions. It also has thermal resistance and is very durable in operation.

Planken can be made from different wood species. The most common is planking from larch – it has the most optimal ratio of price and quality. The larch is equal in terms of strength of oak wood, but much cheaper. Planken from oak is considered the best, however, the most expensive. Preference to oak, it is worth clarifying what compositions the wood is processed, because it is the oak that is considered the most prone to the fungus.

There is also a plank of cedar. This is not as strong wood as oak, but the special thickness of the wooden boards of Planquen allows us to bring the strength closer to oak. In addition, it is best to use a plank of cedar for interior decoration – its aroma can not be compared with nothing. There is also a plank of ash – this is a great option for internal and garden finishing work, and its pleasant light color will decorate both the interior and the exterior of the buildings.

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