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Nunnauuni stoves as a source of comfort and comfort of your home.

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Anyone today seeks to achieve maximum comfort and comfort in his house. One of the elements capable of creating such an atmosphere can be safely called the hearth. To argue with the fact that a lively flickering fire in your house, radiating heat is a stronghold of the desires of many, does not make any sense. Today, everyone can create such a hearth in their house or apartment, since modern technologies allow you to do this with minimal financial costs. It is enough just to buy a fireplace stove, which can be a decorative element or decorative-functional (decorates and heats the room) in your interior.

Materials for fireplaces.

Undoubtedly, the most popular for fireplaces was considered and continues to be considered brick, but every year technology takes more and wider steps in mastering new materials. Currently, marble (chopped or polished), granite of various shades, a noble tree (maple, oak, cherry, etc. P.), as well as metal. As a rule, most material is used for decorative purposes, but the metal can be used comprehensively. For example, stainless steel chimneys look great in the interior made in high-tech style, even if they are not hidden from prying eyes. In addition, the metal due to the correct external coating can last a long time. Thanks to a wide range of materials used, fireplaces can be made, both to order and be typical models.

The quality tested by millions.

A fairly popular firm among the production of fireplaces of various types is the Finnish company Nunnauuni. The fireplaces of this manufacturer have their own characteristics and are recognized all over the world, so if you care about quality, then the choice is obvious.

Almost all Nunnauuni furnaces are made today from Mammut stone (the oldest stone known as mammoths, soapy, potter and t. P.). The stone has high heat resistance, which gives Finnish stoves with a high heat accumulating ability, which means that the emitted heat will spread evenly over a sufficiently long period of time.

Nunnauuni furnaces for the convenience of customers are divided into three thermal classes:

1st class-the given heat is 40 kWh. These Finnish stoves can be used as a full -fledged heat source even for heating large houses.

If you need to heat a private house, a city apartment or a cottage lineup Nunna Uuni will be able to choose the necessary heat source that can satisfy you in both technical and decorative terms.

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