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Installation of a stretch ceiling in the hall

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So that the house is always neat and beautiful in the house, it is necessary to periodically make repairs in it. Repair should begin to be carried out from the farthest room of the house, gradually capturing all the rooms. Thanks to our consultations and modern building material, repair can be done with your own hands. First you should take out furniture from the hall or cover it with a clean bedspread so that dust does not fall on it. Then, first of all, you need to start repairing the ceiling.

This is the most noticeable place in the hall, which always everyone pays attention to. You need to decide in advance what ceiling you want to do. Now the ceiling is considered the most beautiful and rich, on which a special fabric is pulled. But for its installation it is necessary to carefully prepare the ceiling.

In detail, how to correctly mount a stretch ceiling in the hall, you can find on other sites on the Internet. Also here on the construction site El – crane, you can find and order a machine -building gearbox. Redactors 1C2U 125, which you will need during construction in complex climatic conventions and at high loads.

First you should remove the old coating from the ceiling, it is good to close it and last. This should be done on a special ladder on which you will be comfortable to carry out repairs. What is a good stretch ceiling? The fact that under it you can hide some defects and uneven edges of the ceiling. When the preparation is completed, you can yourself or with the help of a master, professionally make a ceiling measured to purchase the right amount of fabric. Now there are a lot of all kinds of colors of fabric that will make the ceiling unsurpassed and exotic. Now proceed to the mount on the ceiling of special aluminum rails, on which you will pull the fabric for the stretch ceiling. Then close your room and with the help of the heater thoroughly warm it. Also, do not forget to heat the tissue roll itself so that it can be expanded without damage. Now carefully begin to fix the fabric, carefully pulling it so that the folds do not form.

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