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How to enter the SRO of Designers

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What does the concept of “self -regulatory organization” mean (SRO in design)? This is a non -profit organization that has certain goals. The main goal of this SRO is to improve the quality of design work during the construction of the facility. Another, a lot of significant goal, is to prevent harm to the health or life of its participants; property or environment in the process or the result of construction work. In addition, such a self -regulatory organization was created in order to inform professional participants in project activities about changes in the legislation.

Starting from January 1, 2010, construction companies can carry out any activities on design work, exclusively having on their hands to admission to the SRO of designers. State control over the activities of self -regulatory organizations themselves in the design is carried out by Rostekhnadzor.

Advantages of SRO in design

After the construction company receives admission to a self -regulatory organization (SRO) and becomes its member, it can also count on protecting her interests and rights from the SRO of SRO. One of the most reliable and known not only in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, but also in the Russian market, designer organizations are NP SRO “Standard Project”. This organization has a large number of experienced designers who responsibly and conscientiously relate to their work. Self -regulatory organization “Standard Project” offers convenient conditions for cooperation and many related services for design organizations.

Enter the SRO of Designers

All construction companies who want to become members of a self -regulatory organization of designers (for example, NP SRO Standard Project), must prepare an extensive package of documents. To join the SRO of designers, the company will have to spend a lot of time collecting all documents that must comply with all legislative acts and standards. Due to the lack of time, as well as by ignorance of all the requirements and rules, the company can repeatedly send its application, and due to improper filling out documents, receive a refusal to enter the SRO. In this case, a construction company should turn to a group of professionals-specialists who are ready to take responsibility for the preparation of documentation and well cooperating with self-regulatory organizations of designers. Then the entry into the SRO of designers will be a simple and little costly procedure.

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