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How to build a wooden house so that the termites do not start in it

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It seems to many that termites do not live in log houses, however, these insects do not experience any special preferences, choosing between different options for wooden buildings. Termites do not emit logs or boards in their menu, but the probability of detecting them at an early stage in a log house is much larger. And the sooner you find them, the easier it is to get rid of them. On the other hand, if you do not find a problem at an early stage, then fighting the termites in a neglected state is easier when they are in the boards, and not inside the logs.

If you live in a wet climate, make sure that high quality lumber is used for construction. Logs, if you are building from them, must be properly collected and prepared, have a thick diameter and be treated with means in order to withstand moisture. Often people buy lumber with fungi and termites. Log processing helps them withstand the onslaught of insects, including different bugs and termites.

It is best to hire trusted companies for the construction of houses that have a portfolio and good reviews on the Internet on their website. For example, the company North Forest LLC, which can build a wooden house or bathhouse for you, has its own wood processing in the Kirov region, that is, lumber is not supplied from unverified sources.

At the first signs of infection with termites, you can see a drop of sawdust pulling out of a tiny hole. If you call experts to exterminate termites at once, then they will not have time to cause serious damage. In a log house, extermination is easier to carry out, since there is access to joints and beams.

During the construction of log houses, additional measures are taken to insulate the walls from the foundation and foundation from the ground. Termites often climb the walls, so that a house made of logs with similar precautions will provide you with a good service.

Some barriers and sealants are designed to hold termites from migration through the soil and cement base in logs. For example, the foundation itself. The foundation with a sand barrier is preferable to the usual slag concrete base. If you can, do not build a basement.

Carefully monitor the construction to make sure that the workers did not decide to bury their mountains of the remaining wood under your property. Never store or throw away any tree in the ground, because it is a clear bait for termites.

For additional protection, you can annually treat soil around the house as a prevention with impregnations.

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