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Ensuring uninterrupted operation of emergency diesel generators of YAMZ

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The diesel power plants of the YAMZ backup are used during power outages from local electricity distribution companies. As a result of the combustion of oil products for power, YaMZ 238 engines are converted to electrical energy. Naturally, spare parts of YaMZ 238 are necessary, subject to frequent replacement, but if diesel fuel is not available for the generator during interruptions in the centralized supply of electricity, then the meaning of the supply of consumables and the meaning of the generator are lost. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the supply of combustible mixture and its correct and convenient storage so that such incidents do not occur. As a rule, fuel is stored in specially intended fuel tanks. When choosing and installing the tanks corresponding to generators for petroleum products, a number of factors must be taken into account.

The first of them is the necessary capacity of the fuel tank. It is necessary to determine how much fuel will need to be stored, since this will determine the potential of the generator. You can calculate the minimum container by evaluating the three parameters:

– Emergency reserve: how many fuel will you need in case of delay in its next delivery or a sharp excessive increase in consumption;

– indicative frequency and regularity of fuel supply: what time passes between purchases and delivery of oil products from the supplier to the generator storage;

– The main fund: how many diesel mixture will be required for the generator operation in its main mode (constant or reserve);

Based on these three parameters, the minimum required storage supply is determined as follows:

Minimum capacity = emergency stock + main fund

In the case of interruptions in the supply of electricity, which rarely happen and for a short time, a small tank will be enough for your fuel needs. However, in this case, you will have to purchase fuel more often and in small batches in order to constantly replenish the tank. Although the initial investments (capital costs) in the equipment of the tank for storage and maintenance costs will be lower, the cost of frequent fuel delivery will be higher.

Large storage tanks are used to maintain large enterprises or where interruptions in the supply of electricity are frequent and long in time. In this case, fuel is less common and larger in batches. With higher initial expenses, the cost of delivery per unit fuel is reduced. However, it is also necessary to take into account the hidden costs associated with the danger of storing a large number of oil products.

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